A Year in Review

I am 100% still allowed to recap my year even though it’s halfway through January. I think it’s safe to say that procrastination will still be a constant in this upcoming year. Dear 2018, You were great, you were a bitch, you made me grow. I’ve done a lot of growing up this past year, […]

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A Polyamorous Christmas

It’s that time of the year when I get asked the most, “Who do you spend Christmas with?” To which my answer is always, “My J O B.” Traditionally it is understood that the holidays are supposed to be spent with the ones you love, which I completely agree. For a lot of people I […]

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New Beginnings

Welcome to my brand new site! Gosh, who would have thought we would end up here? Back in 2015 when I first made floatycrownythingz on “the site that shall not be named” I could never have dreamt that within 4 years I would be embarking on even half of the projects I’m currently juggling. What […]

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